luxury vinyl floors

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Style Guide

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) has become increasingly popular due to its versatility, durability, and wide range of style options. Whether you're redecorating your home or designing a new space, here's a style guide to help you choose the right luxury vinyl flooring for your needs:


  1. Wood-Look Vinyl Planks:
    • Classic Hardwood: Achieve the timeless look of hardwood floors without the maintenance.
    • Weathered and Rustic: Opt for distressed or weathered wood styles for a cozy, aged aesthetic.
    • Exotic Woods: Explore vinyl planks that mimic the appearance of exotic wood species for a unique touch.


Tile-Look Vinyl Tiles:

    • Ceramic and Stone: Choose vinyl tiles that replicate the beauty of ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles for a luxurious appearance.
    • Mosaic Patterns: Consider vinyl tiles with intricate mosaic patterns for a distinctive and elegant look.


Creative Patterns:

    • Herringbone: Create a classic and visually appealing design by installing LVF planks or tiles in a herringbone pattern.
    • Geometric Shapes: Add a modern twist with vinyl flooring that features geometric shapes or patterns.
    • Parquet: Embrace the elegance of parquet flooring with LVF planks in intricate, repeating designs.


Color Options:

    • Light Tones: Light-colored LVF can make a space appear more open and airy, and it complements a variety of interior styles.
    • Dark Tones: Dark LVF adds depth and sophistication to a room, creating a cozy and luxurious atmosphere.
    • Neutral Shades: Neutral colors like gray, beige, or taupe are versatile and easy to pair with various decor styles.


Texture and Finish:

    • Embossed Grain: Textured LVF with a realistic wood grain or stone texture adds depth and authenticity.
    • High Gloss: A glossy finish can make your LVF shine and reflect light, creating a polished and modern look.
    • Matte Finish: Matte LVF offers a more subdued, natural appearance while reducing glare and smudges.


Room-Specific Options:

    • Waterproof LVF: Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, as it can withstand moisture and spills.
    • Commercial-Grade: For high-traffic areas in commercial spaces or homes, consider LVF designed for durability and heavy use.


Budget and Quality:

    • Budget-Friendly: There are affordable LVF options that still offer durability and style.
    • Premium Grades: High-end LVF products may come with advanced features, superior visuals, and extended warranties.


Pattern and Layout:

    • Straight Lay: Installing LVF in a traditional straight pattern is timeless and suits most spaces.
    • Diagonal Layout: Diagonally laid LVF can make a room appear larger and more dynamic.
    • Mixed Patterns: Combine different LVF styles, colors, or patterns for a unique and personalized look.

Remember to consider your personal preferences, the room's function, and the overall aesthetic of your home when selecting luxury vinyl flooring. Take advantage of samples and swatches to see how different styles and colors look in your space before making a final decision.