Engineered flooring


Engineered flooring is an excellent option

You can learn a lot about engineered flooring in a noticeably brief period. You will find out how durable and long-lasting they are and how well they match any decor or interior design. You'll even find that the installation experience is worth your time.

Is it solid wood?

Engineered wood flooring looks exactly like solid hardwood, with essential features. Remarkedly, most people mistake the material for solid wood since the top layer is a veneer of natural wood. You can even personalize these floors with species, stain colors, and finishes.

Since the top layer is natural wood, we can refinish it once wear shows. And most time, we can refinish most floors several times. But the thickness of the natural wood layer can change that.

Extensive durability for every room

Bonded layers of plywood make up engineered hardwood flooring, with a top layer of natural wood. This construction method creates enough durability to withstand some of the heaviest traffic. Commercial and residential spaces both use laminate with outstanding results.

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Engineered wood flooring in basements

Engineered flooring is perfect for basement installation. The floors won't swell, shrink, or react to dampness, humidity, and temperature changes. As a result, you can expect more than 30 years of life when installed by our team of professionals.

Moisture resistance gives these floors their stability and warp resistance. As a result, they'll hold their shape better and longer, even after water damage. And you'll enjoy increased stability that keeps your floors performing best for years.

Ease of installation and care

Homeowners love how easy it is to install engineered hardwood. You have a range of installation options, including staple, nail, and glue-down methods. But you can also float these floors with outstanding and more flexible results.

Caring for these floors is just as easy. If you have a broom and damp mop, you can keep these floors looking like new for a long time to come. For more demanding messes, check your manufacturer's recommendations or give us a call.
Engineered flooring in Sussex, WI from My New Floors Inc.

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