Sanding and hardwood refinishing


Sanding and hardwood refinishing

Sanding floors and refinishing your hardwood is a significant part of the maintenance process to keep the surfaces looking and performing as they should for as long as they should. Each piece of the process is vital to the longevity of the floor covering, and it's essential to understand the process. The more facts you have as you approach the hardwood refinishing service, the better your decisions can be, so here are a few to get started.

What to know about hardwood floor refinishing

One of the best things about refinishing is that it prevents the need for flooring replacement, especially in busy areas. Hardwood floor refinishing erases years of wear, damage, scratches, scuffs, and dents, by sanding off the top and abused layer and adding new color and texture.
Changing the stain color and surface texture during a refinishing service is possible, which you may want to do if you've changed your décor or furnishings.

Hardwood floor refinishing also includes a new sealant, which helps protect the floors against future damage, but textures can save them too. They guard against light scuffs and scratches, leaving your newly refinished floors looking better for longer. Also, it helps bring financial savings over time.

With wood floor refinishing, the process can take some time, depending on the options and services you choose for your home. Once you make these decisions, we'll tell you about the sanding time, stain and finish additions, and how much drying time you can expect between coats. Before we get started, we'll discuss furniture and valuables removal and requirements for our service team, such as HVAC settings and access to electrical outlets.



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