Take time to choose the perfect sheet vinyl flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for any room in your home. It brings benefits like beauty, durability, and a long life wherever it's installed. Finding out more about how these floors can fit your needs could help you pick the perfect options.

Beauty is standard

The wide variety of visuals gives sheet vinyl flooring a beautiful reputation that works for any interior design. Colors, patterns, and designs all work to make every room look better. Vinyl sheet is a fantastic choice when you need the perfect match for any décor and style.

Comfort and durability

Vinyl floors are softer underfoot than some hard surface floor coverings are. Because of that, it keeps the perfect temperature, added comfort, and a bit of spring for your step. In children's rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Vinyl flooring is strong and sturdy, offering excellent resistance against most regular wear. As a result, you'll see fewer dents, dings, scratches, and stains. Instead, these floors can last more than 10 years with professional installation and regular care.

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Installation is quick and easy

Our professional installation team can make quick work of your vinyl flooring installation. A single sheet will easily cover most average-sized rooms, and we can install these flexible materials over a wide range of subflooring types and existing flooring. You'll also notice that sheet vinyl flooring installation is faster than other flooring installations. Besides allowing you to walk on your floors faster, it could save money on the process as well. Once that's finished, you'll enjoy your new floors for years to come.

Waterproof and long-lasting

One of the most sought-after benefits of this product is waterproof protection. Since you don't have to worry about water damage, you can install these floors anywhere. Best placed in bathrooms and basements, it protects just as well in every other room as well.
Vinyl in Waukesha, WI from My New Floors Inc.

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