The art of laminate flooring

Some homeowners enjoy the affordable variety they get from laminate flooring. It's a great way to take advantage of both visuals and durability. Even in your busiest rooms, these floors perform well.

If you know just what you're looking for in a floor covering, laminate has you covered. But even if you don't, our consultants can help figure it out. Then, as you share your flooring vision, we'll make sure everything else is possible.

Is laminate durable?

Many homeowners think affordable laminate wood flooring is lacking. But it's an excellent choice for busy spaces, offering outstanding performance. In addition, it works very well in homes with pets and children.

You'll see fewer dents and scratches with these floors in place, and you’ll have water-resistant and waterproof options, too, for excellent top-to-bottom protection. You'll see these floors for 20 years or more with a professional installation.

If you're still concerned about protection, you have options. First, add a few area rugs or runners in hallways and children's rooms. This keeps floors looking good even longer.

Are laminate floors visually appealing?

The best floors are those that match your decor. Laminate flooring can do that in various ways, with colors, patterns, and textures of all kinds. You'll even find products that imitate stone, tile, and solid hardwood flooring. 

Beauty can also come from the format and installation layout. It adds another visual layer that creates mood and comfort. Many options allow you to create trendy, lasting designs that work with any design.

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Hypoallergenic for better air quality

Laminates don't trap allergens like dust, dander, or pollen. That means your air quality will be better than ever before. You'll enjoy impressive surfaces that keep your whole family healthy and breathing easier.

A faster installation

Laminate flooring allows a quick and easy installation, especially with floating products. Since they need no adhesives, the project typically takes less than a full day to complete. They still offer the same level of protection for floors you can stand on for years.

We offer your best laminate flooring

My New Floors Inc. works hard to help you create a successful flooring experience. We work with you from one of our showroom's inventory to your finished installation and more. And we have more than 40 years of experience to put behind every remodel.

We encourage you to visit our Waukesha or Sussex, WI showroom today to find the best laminate flooring. We currently serve residents from Waukesha, WI, Milwaukee, WI, Pewaukee, WI, Mukwonago, WI, Sussex, WI, && New Berlin, WI. Be sure to visit us today to start your remodel.