Hardwood flooring in Waukesha, WI

Hardwood floors for your Waukesha, WI home

If you're looking to install hardwood floor in your Waukesha, Wisconsin home, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you choose the right flooring option for your needs and preferences. Here are some steps to help guide you through the process.

How to choose and install hardwood

Determine your budget

Start by setting a budget for your hardwood flooring project. Hardwood floors can vary widely in cost depending on the type of wood, finish, and installation method.

Choose the type of hardwood:

Hardwood flooring comes in various types, including oak, maple, cherry, walnut, hickory, and more. Each type has its own unique appearance, durability, and price range. Consider which wood species best matches your aesthetic and functional requirements.


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Choose between pre-finished or unfinished

You can choose between pre-finished and unfinished hardwood. Pre-finished hardwood comes with a factory-applied finish, making it quicker to install. Unfinished hardwood allows for more customization but requires finishing on-site.

Select a finish type

Choose the finish that best suits your style, whether it's a glossy, semi-gloss, satin, or matte finish. Keep in mind that different finishes may require different maintenance.

Choose a style

Hardwood flooring comes in various styles, including plank, strip, and parquet. Plank and strip styles are popular for a traditional look, while parquet offers a more intricate pattern.

Hire a professional installer

It's advisable to hire a professional flooring installer with experience in hardwood installation. They can ensure that your floors are properly installed, which is crucial for long-term durability and aesthetics.

Maintain your hardwood floors:

After installation, it's essential to follow proper maintenance practices, such as regular cleaning and avoiding excessive moisture, to keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful and in good condition.

Local regulations and climate

Be aware of any local regulations or guidelines related to hardwood flooring installation. Also, consider the climate in Waukesha, as humidity and temperature fluctuations can affect hardwood floors.

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