Comparing nylon and polyester carpet

Nothing makes a home look more luxurious, royal, and inviting than a carpet. They have a magic of their own, which no other home accessory can compete against. When it comes to choosing soft, warm and stylish carpets, the two most popular materials are polyester and nylon.

Each has unique qualities, so choosing between the two can be a trifle difficult. Here is a comparison of the two to help you decide well:

1. ?? Durability

Nylon is more durable because it has higher resiliency and can bounce back even after you've walked on it. This is primarily why nylon carpets and consumer goods are so popular today because it endures high traffic much better.

Polyester is softer in comparison and not as durable. With proper care, it may hold well, but it wears off quicker with traffic than nylon.

2. ?? Comfort

When it comes to doing up your home, comfort is the priority, and carpets are no different in this regard. What makes carpets comfortable is their twist and density, and you will find more of that in polyester carpets. Although nylon is not far behind, yet if you're looking for a carpet into which your feet will sink, then polyester would be the better one for you.

3. ?? Stain resistance

Polyester can resist stains stronger than nylon. It consists of hydrophobic fiber, which is liquid repelling. If you compare nylon to polyester in this regard, you will find nylon carpet soaking in a liquid more quickly because of its absorbing features.

However, most residential carpets the markets feature today come with stain protection, owing to treatment processes. If you're more interested in a nylon carpet for your home but still want it to be stain-resistant, we recommend finding a treated piece.

4. ?? Cost

In terms of cost comparison, nylon is twice more expensive as polyester. But we cannot call this an exact rule, considering the several other factors that go into carpet making. If you find a poorly-made nylon carpet, it can very likely be cheaper than a polyester one, but polyester is generally the cheaper carpet material here.

5. ?? Eco-friendliness

Since nylon is a petroleum by-product, there is no way we can describe it as an eco-friendly material. Polyester, on the other hand, is more eco-friendly despite being a synthetic product. But living in the age of technology, you can find all varieties of green carpets, including nylon ones. But for those, you may have to pay a premium.

Final thoughts

If you're looking for carpets for your home, the best options to consider are polyester and nylon. Each offers unique advantages, and depending on the foot traffic and living conditions of your home, you'd find one of these fibers ideal for your taste.