Did you know sheet vinyl is waterproof flooring?

Did you know sheet vinyl is waterproof flooring?

That's right! Waterproof vinyl flooring offers waterproof protection all in sheet form. Style, strength, and flexibility are all words used to describe this product line. It's a fantastic choice for every room in the home.

Waterproof construction
Sheet vinyl construction includes materials like PVC resins and stabilizers. It's covered in urethane, with UV curing, adding to the waterproof flooring profile.

These create an excellent floor covering in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. But sheet materials are also free from seams in most average-sized rooms.

That means there's no way for liquids to seep beneath the surface to create odors and bacteria growth. The result is a product that looks and performs well for up to 15 years or more.

Many added benefits with waterproof flooring
As you might expect with waterproof flooring, you'll enjoy a wealth of great visuals. Colors, designs, and patterns help create a unique decor match that serves you well.

The floors also offer exceptional durability. You'll see fewer scuffs, scratches, and stains for a like-new look longer.

Cleaning and maintaining your floors has never been easier. Sweep daily, followed by a damp mop if necessary, and these floors will serve you for years.

Professional installation ensures the best results for your new floors, as always. Be sure to ask if an underpadding is beneficial for your specific installation.

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